1. Full payment must accompany all orders when submitted unless credit is agreed. Payment will not be deemed satisfactory until bank cheques have been cleared.

2. Orders must be signed by an authorized official or executive of the organization.

3. Your order cannot be cancelled or rescinded after production has commenced.

4. All export orders (other than BFPO commissions) are subject to quotation.

5. Any faulty and/or damaged goods supplied should be returned to Camouflage Cow Ltd within 30 days of receipt with full and precise details as to the nature of any fault. The customer must produce the faulty or damaged goods so as to enable Camouflage Cow Ltd to inspect the faulty or damaged goods. In that event, any faulty or damaged goods will be repaired or replaced at the request of the customer or alternatively in the event that the customer chooses, the monies paid in respect thereof shall be credited to the customer. Please note that no claim of faulty or damaged goods will be considered after the expiration of 30 days and/or in the event that damaged goods are not returned as requested.

6. Camouflage Cow Ltd cannot be held responsible for garments that lose their shape or colour due to incorrect washing or drying.

7. All garments and products advertised (including choice, colour, size etc) are subject to availability. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for shade variations due to differing dye lots or size variations which may occasionally occur.

8. Artwork will be free of charge, if agreed provided that our services are continued i.e. if our artwork is copied it is then chargeable unless agreed between us.

9. We will endeavour to absorb many of our supplier’s increases throughout the year. However, should the increase be such that it is uneconomical to sell at our current prices we reserve the right to alter our prices without prior notice and invoice all clients accordingly.

10. Samples are submitted on approval and will be charged unless returned within 30 days of receipt and in good condition.

11. Quantity variations – we shall be deemed to have fulfilled our contract by delivery of a quantity within 10% plus or minus of the quantity specified.

12. We reserve the right to modify a design should it be necessary to do so in order to obtain the best result.

13. No responsibility will be accepted by us for infringements on Third Party Copyrights. The customer indemnifies us from all costs and expenses in respect of any alleged infringements.

14. We reserve the right to use our customers’ designs for our own advertising purposes, unless otherwise stated.

15. All delivered goods remain the property of Camouflage Cow Ltd until full payment has been received.

16. Account holders will be held responsible for full payment of invoices even if a third party is involved.

17. If credit is granted our terms are – all invoices to be paid in full within 30 days. Payment received after 30 days will be subject to a surcharge of 4% per month.

18. Camouflage Cow Ltd must be notified immediately of any intention to cancel an order, if the decoration process has started then the order cannot be cancelled.

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